66.500,00 €

The Fee Specified is the Weekly Fee. Prices are variable as low, medium and high season.
In motor yachts, 30% will be charged separately for fuel, port fees and provisions. VAT is not included in the price.
For gulets, the fuel price is included in the price for the pre-determined route.
At the time of the contract, a minimum deposit of 35% is taken. The remaining price must be paid 1 week before the tour starts. If boarding is requested from a place other than the Yacht Harbor, fuel and time will be added to the price.

Mangusta 105 

2004 model , 2023 Refit edilerek yeni dizayn oldu

Herşeyi yeni , Tikler döşemeler 

Yataklar V.s bir çok şey yenilendi

MTU 2 x 2350 HP 

Jenatör Köhler  2 x 48 kW 

Su yapıcı Fsm marka 350 litrelik saatte 

Clima,Cps,Oto pilot, Display, 200 metre zincir sancak 

170 metre zincir iskele , 115 kg x 2 çapa

Çamaşır makinası , Kurutma, Bulaşık makinesi 

Fırın , buzdolabı, 6 adet buzdolabı 

2 adet buz yapıcı , 4 kabin, 3 kabin dabıl 

1 singıl kabin , 5 WC , 2 kabin personel kabini 4 kişilik

Herşeyi yeni fuul dolu

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