Our company, which has been working on yacht charter and sales for 10 years, works to offer the most accurate yacht in line with customer demands. Our customer representatives in our organization serve you and make presentations according to the region and yacht type.
Our customer representatives in the Aegean region and the Mediterranean region in Turkey and our representatives in Italy, France, Chayman Islands, Malta, Greece and its islands and Montenegro continue to provide yacht charter and purchase or sale services. They are working to provide the most accurate service in line with the incoming customer demands.
To give some information about Yacht Charter,
Most of the yachts are rented weekly. However, this period may be shortened according to some requests and the availability of yachts.
Since organizations such as Business meetings, Meal arrangements, Parties, Engagements and Weddings cannot be held on every yacht, we offer options for suitable yachts and durations for our customers.